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MEW! (OwO)
Tue Nov 25, 2014, 11:02 PM
Thu Jul 31, 2014, 12:58 PM
dA yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooo
Sat Feb 4, 2012, 3:10 PM
WHAAAA. yes, pretty cool
Sun Jan 8, 2012, 1:42 AM
Finally joined dA, in part to comment on your lovely Cardassians. Hope you got that whole apartment situation settled! :)
Wed Dec 14, 2011, 8:13 PM


One should make a Christmas list. Specially when one is hard to shop for so you get makeup and nail polish as gifts.
...When you don't wear makeup or nail polish...
So here is list of stuff that make me happy.

Lion King
(Any of the lions but Scar is my favorite)

Jungle Book
(Shere Khan and Bagheera only)
(Ps already have the Funko Pop Shere Khan)

Star Wars
(I love Clone Troopers, Storm Troopers, or if Star Wars Rebels its Zeb... except the creepy plushie of him that is out... that thing gives me the heeby jeebies)

Star Trek
(Anything really goes but Captain Picard, Garak, and Shran are my favs)

Doctor Who
(Enough said. But 10 will always be my Doctor. 11 is love too)

Mass Effect
(I have all 3 games... and they are my favorite games in the world!!!)
(Ps I already got the Funko Pop Grunt and Garrus for this Christmas. Thank you my Heartworm!)

Marvel stuff
(Love ALL Marvel... Loki is love though)

Anything big cat related really... But mostly Lions and Tigers
(Except clothes... other categories fine but not in this one)

Ocean Themed
(Fish, Seashells, Sharks, Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, Octopus, Squid, etc)
(No clothes please)


Thats it.

Why is Predator, AvP, or Transformers not on the Christmas list? Cuz I'm picky about what I like with those... like UBER picky. Predator I only like the huge McFarlane & Sideshow figures and those are HELLA spendy. Aliens... I watch AvP for the Preds... And Aliens for Ripley. Sigourney Weaver is queen of Scifi! Transformers. Again gotta be picky as I LOVE Transformers but there are SOOOOOOO many and most I actually have no idea who they are. I only get the figures of the ones I like. Aka my Lockdowns, Lockdown recolors, Transformers Prime, and Revoltech collection. I don't mind getting stuff from others of these. But the above lists are more guaranteed I will like. XD

I don't really expect to get anything on this list... but I put it here strictly to say I made a Christmas list. I don't deal in specifics either cuz as long as you are vague you don't get disappointed when you don't get exactly what you want. Aka I want the RED Power Ranger! Get Green one for Christmas cuz they were sold out of red ones. That sort of thing. BE HAPPY WITH THE GREEN ONE YA LITTLE BRAT! SOME KIDS DIDN'T EVEN GET A POWER RANGER AT ALL! lol
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  • Watching: Won free tickets to the prescreening of the Hobbit
  • Eating: PIZZA!!!
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew


Titan's Blood 01 by peanutchan
Titan's Blood 01
Samson doesn't like when you do something without his permission.
Should have stayed put.

So far you can see Scar, Samson, Twiggy, and Hodari. With Nero leading the party. Because Nero is the best tracker and has the best sense of smell. Samson... is a terrible hunter. He lets the others do most of the work while he just uses his brute strength take the prey down and land the killing blow.

Basically using this to mess around with lighting and shading and painting painting all the backgrounds before I really dig into the Survival comic again. And again. This is a story bit that will be merged back into survival when we hit the timeline its in.
Rain by peanutchan
The male's main job in a pride is to look after the cubs when the lionesses are out hunting.

 Though Scar seemed to shrug off most of what he SHOULD have been doing... I would think this would be one he may actually do. Not to protect them from other male lions. But as both leverage with the lionesses and to make sure the Hyenas don't get any ideas. After all the lionesses wouldn't go hunting unless someone was watching their cubs. The less food to find meant more of them had to go out hunting. Eventually leaving only Scar to be the one left at Priderock with the cubs. And if he didn't watch them then some hyena may decide they were too hungry to wait for the lionesses to return. So he would watch them... though reluctantly.

So here is Scar with tiny cubs, Vitani and Kovu. The older cubs are probably in a pile nearby sleeping.
Doesn't Belong There by peanutchan
Doesn't Belong There
 The morning was drowsy, the pride slowly filing out of the caves in which they all slept. By en large, the group of males began flopping out into the sun, lazily soaking up early morning rays while their leaders made sure they were all up. Anyone who slept in was subjected to a pounce from Iko, who's bulk was nothing to gawk at even by the stronger fighters. 

The three leaders, Samson, his brother Hasi, and his son Iko, took the speaking platform just outside the caves. Samson sat a little closer the golden male than he normally did, but it didn't seem terribly odd. Kando was slinking his way up to sit at Samson's feet when he froze.

Huddled between the two massive males... That tiny whelp, the battered, beaten lion that had been taken in and lived... For some reason, was tucked between their leader and his second. The ash colored lion gawked in shock at this development. The lion was half Iko's size and it was out of sheer, blind luck he was even still alive. Even now his wounds were festering and he looked faint; yet there he was, in a position of power, settled as if protected between the powerful brothers. Looking about with a half lidded gaze. Seemingly unaware or uncaring of what his position meant.

Samson's gaze slowly tilted away from the lions strewn about in front of him, sensing eyes on them. Hasi gave the usual speech that he did every morning; giving chores and roles, putting those out on duty and who was staying back. Kando didn't catch how the rogue leader eyed him with curiosity and held a silent warning.

Then the little wretch glanced his way. He caught the emerald gaze. The lower ranking male curled his maw back, exposing gnarly teeth, though nothing came out. Samson tilted his head up slightly, raising a brow. Kando knew better than to speak up against this; instead, he kept the scathing commentary to himself.

Written by :iconwooden-flashlight:
Name Change by peanutchan
Name Change
I could never really justify Kande's name. Which means First Born Daughter. It was just lazyness on my part of not seeing what the name meant. So just like Nuro being changed to Nero. Kande is now being changed to Kando. I'm redrawing all the old pages of Survival anyway so I can add color to the currently blank pages and update the art. So I felt changing my Shark faced boy's name was justified. His design has changed slightly to be more Lion King like. But still has the Shark feel I intended for him.

Tomba however... sorry Tomba... your name suits you too well.

And Samson does not like you touching him Kando.


:iconanoki-doll: :iconashura-ou: :iconbelka-1100: :iconmorphin: :iconstifledhare: :iconwooden-flashlight: :iconzaiats:

Survival comic Mtanga?… 

92 deviants said Mufasa with Amnesia! (Will get his memory back)
49 deviants said Mufasa with Amnesia! (Never gets his memory back)
26 deviants said Doppelganger! (I love evil look alikes)
19 deviants said Don't add Mtanga to the Survival comics.


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Hi Penut :D
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Please, please, PLEASE!!!

If you don't like that idea I won't do anything.
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